Becoming a truck driver provides you with a whole world of new opportunity. Hitting the open road, seeing the sights and sounds, and building a meaningful career are all reasons why many people decide to enroll in a professional truck driving school to jumpstart their new job. Truck Nation School is proud to serve as your go-to trucking school in Modesto and Fresno, delivering Californians quality education and training to prepare them for the challenges ahead. With comprehensive career counseling and enriching CDL classes, you’re sure to leave our commercial driving school feeling confident and ready to hit the road.

Being healthy as a driver can provide a wide range of benefits for your haul, and improving your health to make driving better should not be too challenging. Today, we’ll highlight aspects that you can improve to make your work and your life more enjoyable. When finished, be sure to contact our driving school to enroll!


You are what you eat, and eating less food will result in less you. Instead of feasting one or two times a day, try to snack more consistently in smaller amounts. This will keep your metabolism active and should reduce the strain on your digestive system. By focusing on healthy eating, you can help to minimize the concerns brought on by long hours spent in the cab. Focus on eating healthy alternatives, too. While it is often too tempting to grab that bag of snacks or chocolate bar at the next stop, you can benefit more from an alternative such as fruits, nuts, and so on. Long-time drivers often focus on preparing their food at home, which can help to control your fat and calorie content while also saving money on fast food costs.


As a driver, it’s import to focus on getting enough sleep to ensure you are safe on the road. The highway can be full of dangers and surprises, all of which can cause problems if you aren’t alert at the wheel. Truck Nation School recommends powering down before bed, as electronics can disrupt your sleep cycle and keep you awake at night. It’s also important to avoid stimulants and depressants such as alcohol and coffee, as these substances can block sleep and dehydrate you. Once you are sleeping on the road, it’s important to take the proper steps to optimize your downtime. Parking in a quiet area, blocking out all light with heavy curtains and sleep masks, silencing your phone, and spending the money on comfy sleep products can all help you to create a restful sanctuary wherever you go.


Invest in your physical health, and your body will take care of you. Truckers know the importance of being active, as long hours at the wheel can take a toll on the body. Be sure to incorporate a workout regimen into your routine. Gym memberships can be a worthy investment, but may not be necessary for you. From walking around the park to biking a nearby trail, California has plenty of activities to keep you moving. By strengthening your core and back muscles, you’re working to prevent future aches and pains.

Taking on the open road can be a rewarding career, but only if you take the proper steps. As your top trucking school in Modesto, Truck Nation School is here to provide guidance and education to equip you for a rewarding career. Contact us today to learn more about our driving classes!