No matter what type of driver you are, chances are that you have dealt with highway hypnosis. Have you ever driven a stretch of road, only to realize that you do not remember traversing it? This phenomenon can affect all commuters and create very hazardous driving conditions. Today, we’ll continue our blog series on highway hypnosis by discussing a few more types that you can utilize to stay active and alert when the white lines begin to blur together. Truck Nation School is your top source for CDL classes and refresher training course in California. Our quality truck driving schools in Modesto and Fresno center around providing hands-on training and comprehensive support throughout the entire trucking school process. We’re here to get you on the road quickly and safely so that you can start your new career in this exciting industry!

More Prevention Tips

  • Caffeinating. One magical thing that helps people across the globe stay awake and alert comes with your morning cup of coffee or gas station energy drink. Whether you’re looking for soda, or tea, or anything in between, caffeinating is an excellent way to keep your focus on the driving ahead. Be sure not to overdo it, though. A twitchy, agitated driver can be just as dangerous as one combating white line fever.
  • Interacting with others. Engaging your mind with conversation is an excellent way to keep alert once the drowsiness begins to set in. With a hands-free device, we recommend calling a friend or loved one. This can be doubly beneficial because it will keep you and others on the road safe while also catching up with someone who we’re guessing would like to hear from you more.
  • Engaging media content. Listening to music or even a captivating podcast may be just what you need to avoid that trance-like driving style. This approach varies from person to person, so it is recommended to find a media source that you enjoy. Thrash metal on full blast? Fascinating discussion on global politics? It’s your call!
  • Bringing in the fresh air. Warm, stagnant air tends to put many people to sleep. If you’re feeling drowsy and stuffy, try rolling down the windows. A cool breeze and some fresh air may be just the thing your brain needs to keep on task.
  • Active driving. Movement of the body and eyes can help to avoid the hypnotic nature of the road. Be sure to bend your legs, shift in your seat, or any activity that keeps you moving. The same can be used for your eyes once the drowsiness sets in. Focusing your gaze on one point may foster highway hypnosis, so we recommend to keep those eyes active and moving about.
  • Taking breaks. If none of these tactics seem to be working, it may simply be time to take a break. Our commercial driving school preaches the importance of knowing your limits and when it is wise not to push them. A quick nap may be all you need. If this hypnotic exhaustion is still too strong, it may be time to consider finding a place to spend the night. While being late for a delivery is unpleasant, dying in the process is even worse!

Truck Nation School is here to assist new drivers with every aspect of the trucking industry. From the permit to job placement, our truck driving school helps Modesto residents to start a rewarding new career. Our top-notch staff will provide you with a full picture of safety practices, one of which is staying alert during long trips. Highway hypnosis is a hazardous phenomenon that can slow reaction times and create an unsafe environment for all drivers. If you are interested in what our trucking school has to offer, feel free to contact us today to learn more!