The open road is a perfect opportunity for adventure. For people considering enrolling in a quality trucking school, it can also be the perfect location for a number of roadway hazards. One such issue that affects drivers of all vehicles is highway hypnosis. Our last blog focused on the definition and dangers of this phenomenon, often referred to as white line fever. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips that can help you avoid this hazardous occurrence. As your go-to truck driving school in Modesto, the Truck Nation School is here to help you succeed! By providing in-depth instruction and hands-on assistance, our professional staff provides comprehensive assistance every step of the way. Highway hypnosis can be hazardous, but our commercial driving school is here to help you avoid it altogether!

Prevention Tips

Methods for avoiding highway hypnosis vary from person to person, but the basics are the same. No matter the activity, the goal is to keep you awake and alert without raising the safety risk for you and other drivers. Driving long distances on a daily basis can be the perfect foundation for white line fever, which is why it would be wise to try one or more of the following suggestions to help keep you safe:

  • Rest up. One of the main causes behind roadway drowsiness is a lack of sleep. If you are planning on a long drive tomorrow, it is fully recommended to get a full night’s sleep tonight. This way, your brain will be able to work more effectively and avoid tiring, causing that trance-like state of mind.
  • Starting fresh. Hitting the road first thing in the morning is typically recommended for all drivers. This is because you have a full tank of energy and are not at risk for being tired due to the day’s past tasks. Drivers who run around getting ready before starting their drive may be tired from the prep work, raising the likelihood of a highway hypnosis occurrence.
  • Following waking hours. It is generally recommended to drive during your normal waking hours. Drivers who normally sleep soundly through the night my find themselves becoming drowsy when driving after dark.
  • Avoid overeating. Stocking up on sustenance for the journey ahead may sound like a good idea, but we recommend avoiding heavy meals. The digestion process tends to make most citizens sleepy, and staring at those white lines afterward will not keep you alert. Foods like turkey and cheese hold large amounts of tryptophan as well. L-tryptophan is an amino acid that your body converts into serotonin, which helps with proper sleep. While naps are great after Thanksgiving dinner, they shouldn’t be taken on the road!
  • Stretching. If you are feeling cooped up and sleepy, take the time to stretch your limbs out. Activating your arms and legs will help to promote better blood flow, keeping your body limber and your mind awake. Many drivers will develop a system that they use to stretch and keep awake once the drowsiness begins to appear.

Becoming drowsy at the wheel and possibly falling into a state of highway hypnosis can prove to be very hazardous for you and others with you on the road. Avoiding this phenomenon is a necessary part of safe driving. Next time, we’ll look at additional tips that may help you to stay focused when the white line fever hits you. Truck Nation School is here to provide students with the best education and training in California. Our truck driving schools in Modesto and Fresno constantly offer a wide range of programs, from basic packages to CDL classes for endorsements and more. If you are considering a career change that can transform your life, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more!