Many Americans are in search of a rewarding career that brings them freedom and job satisfaction. Numerous jobs are available that may be beneficial in one area but severely lacking in another. One field that is in high demand for qualified applicants is that of CDL driving. Truckers are able to enjoy the numerous benefits of this career, and our trucking school is here to help! Truck Nation School was founded in 1998 with the sole purpose of helping people to find an enjoyable career and start a new life. Our truck driving school in Modesto has achieved success thanks to our premium that is placed on customer service. We’ll go out of our way to ensure that each and every student is fully satisfied with our CDL driving school program. In our last blog, we covered a few key benefits that you can expect when starting your truck driving career. Today, we’ll continue this subject by looking at the financial security and companionship that comes with the job.

Career Security

America’s goods are reliant on truck drivers to make national deliveries on a daily basis. With a continual demand for products and necessities, the number of driving jobs are expected to continue rising. One joke that you may hear is that trucking cannot be outsourced, and while this may be humorous, it is also true. United States citizens will continue to be utilized to fill the high demand for quality drivers. Attending a top-notch truck driving school will help to get you there!

Companionship Options

Working in a cubicle can be lonely. The same can be said when driving on long hauls. Some carriers allow their drivers to bring pets on the road with them. Instead of worrying about Spot and how he will be cared for, you can hit the open road with him happily at your side. Bringing a pet companion can make your trip more enjoyable and will also give the animal a grand adventure.

Team driving is another option for bringing an ally on the road with you. Many times, couples will take the job together, alternating shifts to allow for more driving and earning potential. You can also bring any close friend that happens to hold the same CDL certifications that you do. In any case, you have the option of driving with a companion to both boost productivity and provide company.

Monetary Enjoyment

The income for rookie drivers varies around $40,000 and $45,000 a year, providing a solid starting point for bringing in adequate money while improving to earn more. The US Department of Education analyzed several factors in 2015 to determine that the average salary for non-degree employees came in at $23,900. When you compare that to the starting wage of a driver, it’s easy to see why so many many people attend our truck driving school! In as little 48 hours, our program can help you to successfully hit the road and begin making a solid income. Drivers can also benefit from bonuses such as clean driving records and extended travel distances. The pay can vary based on each carrier, so it’s important to find the perfect company. Truck Nation School can help you with acquiring endorsements and placement with the ideal employer!

Becoming a truck driver isn’t for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it, the benefits can be plentiful. Regardless of your previous career, Truck Nation School is here to help you thrive in an exciting new job. Our top-notch truck driving school in Modesto gives students all of the education and support they need, from acquiring your permit to help place you with the perfect company. As always, we strive for optimal customer support to exceed our client’s high expectations. If you’d like to learn more, you can contact us today or book an appointment online!