For all commercial truckers, it is essential to obtain a Class A CDL license. A commercial driver’s license is the first major step in establishing a long and rewarding career is a professional driver. Many aspiring drivers seek out a commercial driving school for comprehensive education and training. If you’re looking for a trucking school in Modesto or Fresno, Truck Nation School is here to serve. Our professional staff provides unparalleled CDL classes, giving students real-world experience and hands-on experience to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Students enrolling in one of our California truck driving schools will receive instruction on how to retain their CDL license once it is obtained. Today, we’ll briefly highlight our advice to help you keep your commercial driver’s license valid. If you’re ready to begin your career as a professional driver, be sure to contact our trucking school today!

Actions You Should Do

Your CDL is valid for five years from the day it is issued. Until it expires, little is expected from you in terms of CDL requirements. However, new and veteran drivers both need to remember their maintenance plan, which includes:

  • Getting a physical. In most cases, drivers will be required to submit a medical exam report every two years to provide proof of their ability to operate a motor vehicle. Drivers with health issues that are known to impact their ability to drive may be required to more frequent examinations or updates to ensure compliance.
  • Driving safely. Employers across the nation seek out dependable drivers that drive safely. Your brand is affixed to the side of your vehicle, so be sure to advertise your services positively. Insurance providers, fellow motorists, and more take notice when a big rig is not obeying traffic laws!

While these two actions may not sound like a lot to handle, remember that failing to do either one can result in a revocation or failure for renewal of your CDL. Truck Nation School is here to serve as your resource for the best driving practices. If you’re ready to achieve your CDL, or are in need of career counseling, be sure to call us now!

Actions You Should Avoid

For many drivers, maintaining a positive record and driving safely is all that is needed for a successful career. As a commercial truck driver, you are held to more stringent standards compared to other motorists. Even minor infractions can result in big consequences, including the loss of your CDL. To retain your CDL, you should not:

  • Drive while intoxicated. Sadly, many of the accidents on the road today are preventable tragedies influenced by drugs or alcohol. Commercial drivers are well-aware of the size of their loads when travelling, and they should be caution of the dangers inherent to the job. Carriers will deploy random drug tests to discourage driving dirty, so be sure to prioritize the safety of yourself and others before you get behind the wheel.
  • Commit traffic infractions. Drivers will be expected to have a sterling driving record, and a habit of tickets and citations may end up costing you big. Be sure to obey posted laws, city limits, and construction zones at all times. While it sounds silly to read this on a blog post, it is important to remember that disobeying traffic laws leaves you at risk for dangerous outcomes!
  • Disobey industry regulations. Our truck driver’s school stays up to date on the most modern laws and regulations to ensure that all of our students stay within compliance. Driving a truck involves laws ranging from contract restrictions to hour limitations and more. Failure to obey these governances can result in problems with the validity of your CDL.

Losing your CDL or allowing it to expire can severely impact your ability to make a living. Our CDL classes provide detailed instruction on preventative measures to avoid these mistakes. Retaining your Class A CDL will enable you to earn a steady income while building a brighter future.

Renewing a CDL in California

As a commercial driver, you will receive a renewal notice before your CDL is set to expire. This is done to keep drivers in the loop and to prevent any work disruptions. Most CDL carriers will receive a letter with available renewal options, which may include:

  • In-person renewal. You can visit your local DMV office to renew. This is often the best choice for those needing to provide medical exam reports, vision exams, held licenses in other states, and so on.
  • Mail renewal. Proactive drivers can send in their renewal if they meet certain DMV qualifications. You can check with your local professionals to learn about restrictions and requirements.
  • Online renewal. If you received a renewal identification number in the mail, you may be able to utilize the internet for speed and convenience.

Drivers may also need to reapply for their CDL license if it is suspended. Suspensions are often the result of driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a crash, refusing a roadside blood alcohol test, or any other major infractions. Before you hit the road, be sure to find a CDL driving school that can provide you with the best guidance for long-term success.

Our CDL Driving School Is Here To Help

Truck Nation School is proud to be your top truck driving schools in Modesto and Fresno, giving California drivers the ability to excel in a rewarding industry. Our comprehensive courses are flexible, affordable, and ready to help you thrive behind the wheel. Contact us today to learn more!