For years, our truck driving schools in Modesto and Fresno have worked to provide the most effective and affordable CDL training possible. Our efforts help to enable new drivers to make the most when starting a career in this dynamic industry. Truck Nation School is here to deliver the best instruction for today’s drivers, relying on our proven program to create lucrative outcomes. We understand that starting a new career can be difficult, and our commercial driving school is here to help every step of the way!

In order to begin your career as a commercial driver, you will be required to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Truck Nation School is here to provide top-quality CDL training to California residents, taking our extensive knowledge and industry experience to instruct students on the safest and most effective practices.

If you have been considering CDL classes for a while now and are thinking about making the jump, be sure to read about how simple, fun, and effective our CDL training can be!

Sign Up for Our CDL Classes

In order to achieve their CDL license, many drivers turn to a local trucking school for complete instruction. Truck Nation School has helped students at all points in their career jump to the next level, and if you are new to the field, our instructors are happy to help!

Our CDL training is available in a variety of programs to provide the best fit for our drivers. We understand that many people are not available during regular hours, which is why we offer our night owl and weekend classes. Contact us today to learn more about our trucking school, and be sure to sign up to put your career in motion!

Attend Our Truck Driving School

Now is the time to make the most of your education and hit the ground running with complete instruction from Truck Nation School. Our experienced instructors will lead you through the process of acquiring your truck driving permit. Once you are permitted to learn, we will then provide quality teaching that focuses on safe, sustainable driving. Best of all, our trucking school provides hands-on training to get you feeling confident behind the wheel. We focus on all pertinent aspects of commercial driving, including what will be on the CDL test.

Ready to get started? You can book your appointment online or call us anytime to learn more about our program, as well as enrol in our next CDL class!

Pass Your CDL Test

After attending our trucking school, most drivers feel much more confident in being able to pass their CDL test. This government-regulated assessment relies on two sections that must be passed to achieve a CDL license, including:

Knowledge — Drivers can expect to take a written test to obtain their CDL license, consisting of 50 questions. All applicants must achieve at least an 80% to pass.
Skills — This section of the test relies on several skill demonstrations to prove that drivers are physically ready to hit the road.

Truck Nation School is here to help drivers succeed. Our hands-on CDL training ensures that California residents are experienced and confident in all aspects of the physical portion of the test. Contact us today to learn more about our trucking school’s programs!

Obtain Your Endorsements

Your class of CDL and the types of endorsements you acquire will allow you to haul more, and more of it. Many drivers plan on being endorsed, enabling them to drive specialty materials and vehicles, including hazardous materials, tank vehicles, school buses, hazardous materials, and more. Endorsements will prove essential in helping you build your career, increasing your versatility to haul a variety of products.

Truck Nation School offers a range of programs at our trucking schools in Modesto and Fresno. Our Advanced Program features 80 hours of instruction, allowing new drivers to improve their experience at our commercial driving school by focusing on how to acquire these endorsements after obtaining your CDL license.

Find Your First Job

Congratulations! Now that you have undergone our CDL training and successfully passed your test, now is the time to get started making an income while also acquiring driving experience. It’s important to find an employer that you can start for, whether it is a local delivery or “over the road” (OTR). Many drivers aim to sign on with a company that provides the right pay, as well as the right working conditions. If you are open to long-distance runs, you will likely gain more success as a new driver.

The Pro Program at our truck driving schools in California offers uncompromising support to help new drivers make the most of their training. Featuring 160 hours of training, this nine-step program provides the most instruction possible, ranging from the permitting process to logging techniques, coupling and uncoupling, and job placement.

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Truck Nation School is here and enrolling new students, so be sure to check out our website to see just how advantageous our truck driving school can be. Ready to get started? Contact us online now!