If you are tired of that dead-end job that does nothing but bring you down, it may be time for a career change. One choice many Americans utilize to take control of their future is completing a commercial driving school in order to hit the open road and enjoy the benefits of the trucking industry. Truck Nation School is proud to provide top-notch courses for Californians that focus on quality education and comprehensive preparation for the road ahead. While most truck driving schools in Modesto provide the basics for what you need to succeed, we’re here to go the extra mile! Whether you’re looking for a basic CDL driving school or need assistance in finding a fantastic employer, the Truck Nation School is here to help. Today, we’ll preview a few of our programs to give you a better idea of which choice will best suit your unique skillset.

Benefitting from the Basics

Who said getting the basic package was a bad thing? Truck Nation School offers a basic program that consists of five key steps over 48 hours. If you are interested in getting the license and enjoying your accolades, this course is ideal for you! Drivers in this trucking school program will receive instruction on how to get their permit, from meeting the DMV’s requirements to passing the required test. Our experienced instructors will help every step of the way, offering comprehensive knowledge on inspections, safety checks, driving tips and skills, along with practice driving relevant trucks to become familiar. Once the course is accomplished, you’ll take the CDL test and obtain your license.

Advanced Aptitudes

For those looking for more potential in their truck driving career, our advanced program is ideal. Following the same five steps of the basic option, this 80-hour class offers the benefit of extended training time and assistance in acquiring CDL endorsements. Each endorsement allows you to operate in a restricted transportation style or vehicle. The H Endorsement, for example, allows drivers to operate vehicles that contain hazardous materials. This step can prove very beneficial for those seeking to optimize their income and job satisfaction from their new truck driving career.

Professional Preparation

Those who are craving the most benefits possible from our truck driving school will be more than pleased with our pro program. You will receive the most comprehensive education and support possible after 160 hours of education and training. Not only will we guide you through acquiring your endorsements, but we’ll also provide quality instructions on how to correctly use your log book, how to quickly and safely couple or uncouple your rig, and we’ll offer job placement assistance! Based on your unique career goals, it can be very beneficial to work with Truck Nation School to find the perfect carrier. You’ll have all of your bases covered when you sign up for the full experience!

Extensions and Extras

Our commercial driver school also offers an exclusive program that gives those who cannot participate during normal business hours to still revolutionize their careers. Whether you’re available in the early hours, late nights, or weekends, we’ll work with you to jumpstart your future. Our instructors are also available for hourly training and refresher program options to ensure that everyone on the road is up to speed and ready to rock!

Becoming a commercial driver shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it definitely shouldn’t be a monumental challenge. Truck Nation School is here to provide quality instructions that focuses on your long-term success. We’re not a business, we’re a family, and that mindset shows in our dedication to quality education and support. If you are looking for a truck driving school in Modesto or Fresno, feel free to contact us today to learn more about our top-notch program!