Anyone looking to start a rewarding career in a high-demand industry will be pleased when they attend a quality trucking school. Our commercial driving school aims to deliver top-notch instruction and comprehensive training on everything you need to hit the open road and start building your career. Truck Nation School is proud to set the standard for how today’s drivers should be taught to optimize their safety and success.

Unlike other truck driving schools in Modesto and Fresno, our institution focuses on actual driving to maximize your comfort when it’s time to take the test. Starting your career as a truck driver starts with taking CDL classes, and nobody is more excited to help you succeed than Truck Nation School! After working with our experienced staff, you’ll be ready to get on the road. Today, we’ll discuss a few tips from veteran drivers who have passed through our trucking school in order to help those who are new to the driver’s seat optimize their success. When you’re ready to sign up for class, be sure to contact Truck Nation School!

Attitude is Everything

That old mantra that adorns sports posters is certainly onto something. As a trucker, you should focus on keeping a positive, humble attitude with whichever carrier you sign on with. Employers will be keen on taking care of their best drivers and keeping your positive mindset will help make you more likely to be picked for a run if things slow down. Conversely, when the schedule is overfull, you’ll be better taken care of. Regardless of how intense the industry can get, it’s recommended to keep a positive, respectful attitude at all times. It’ll help your employer, which will help your career!

Avoid Changing Carriers

Once you’ve finished our trucking school and earned your CDL license, it’s time to get to work. Be cautious, though, when considering changing to a different employer. One mistake that many new drivers make is switching carriers frequently, jumping ship to find the next big paycheck. While this is acceptable for most industries, trucking carriers tend to look at your length of service on your resume. The top carriers in your area will be hesitant to offer you a premium position if you are known to frequently hop on to the next opportunity. If a better opportunity comes along, be sure you are fully on board for the long haul. Otherwise, you may find yourself hurting for work!

Prepare Yourself Mentally

One aspect of the trucking industry that is often underestimated is the mental stress and strain that comes with commercial driving. While the job is not too demanding physically, many people struggle with the mental aspect. It’s crucial to prepare yourself for the long spans of time away from home and the long hours spent staring at the painted lines. When you step out to start your rig, be sure that your mind is ready for the challenge.

Focus on Safety

Being a new driver means you’ll have plenty to worry about while cruising down the open road. Many drivers set the goal of making it through the first year without being involved in any accidents. There are plenty of tips that can help you stay safe, all of which will be covered at our trucking school, so be sure to pay close attention during class. After a year, you should be able to look back proudly and declare that you were accident-free.

Becoming a new driver can be an intense process for many people. Most drivers will come out after their first year happy and in charge of their careers. Next time, we’ll discuss a few more tips that can help inexperienced drivers keep their focus on success and safety. Truck Nation School is proud to be your go-to truck driving school in Modesto and Fresno. Our dedication to comprehensive education and hands-on training make us a top choice amongst trucking schools in California. Contact us today to learn more or to sign up for your future!