Commercial trucking can be an enjoyable career for many people, delivering a wide range of benefits in addition to that free feeling of taking on the open road. California has a wide range of terrain that you’ll be seeing, and if your route takes you to the north or east, you’ll likely encounter inclement weather. Across our country, weather is constantly in a state of change, sometimes bringing intense storms that can catch you off guard. If you’re looking to get your CDL license, our truck driving school in Modesto is here to offer hands-on training to help you start a productive and rewarding career. Truck Nation School is your comprehensive trucking school in California, delivering assistance every step of the way. Our career counselors are here for your success, and we’re ready to go the extra mile to help you in your journey.

One aspect of this industry that our commercial driving school focuses on is driving in inclement weather. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips that can prove helpful when you’re on the road with a full load.

Check the Forecast

Modern technology has helped to make weather forecasts more accurate than ever, with live updates and mobile gear keeping you in the know. Commuters and truckers alike need to be aware of the road conditions they are about to face. Failing to do so can result in hazardous results for you and other drivers in your vicinity.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Truck and Trailer

Your pre-inspection should be a standard process each and every time you hit the blacktop, but when it comes to inclement weather, it can prove even more valuable to thoroughly check every aspect of your vehicle. Your truck’s coolant, brakes, headlights and tail lights, tire tread, and windshield wiper condition should be among the points inspected, as each can result in different problems once you hit rough seas.

Provide Extra Space

A gentle approach to accelerating and stopping your rig is a big factor in driving safely when the roads are unsafe. Quick movements such as slamming on the brakes or flooring the gas can cause a loss of friction, something you do not want to see with your tires at any point. Be vigilant when driving in snowy conditions, as you’ll need more time to stop appropriately. Caution is the name of the game here!

Watch Your Speed

Many of us are pressed to make our deliveries on time, creating the struggle between taking it easy and risking an accident. Speeding is a top danger in optimal conditions, and our trucking school places a strong emphasis on safe practices for the long-term benefit of all drivers. When the roads are slippery, high speeds will reduce your time and ability to recover from any issues. Oftentimes, this manifests as an unexpected icy patch that sends your truck skidding. If you are going 80 miles an hour, it can prove to be very dangerous!

There are many hazards on the road that need to be accounted for to maximize your safety at all times. Next time, we’ll highlight a few more tips that may prove helpful during the craziness of the spring season. If you’re considering becoming a driver, it’s important to find a trucking school with a history of helping to achieve the best results for students. Our truck driver school in Modesto is here to provide comprehensive education, getting you behind the wheel with confidence. Contact Truck Nation School today for assistance!