Before you enroll in a truck driving school and achieve your CDL license, it’s recommended that you take the time to think about how you want your truck driving career to go. There are numerous industries that create the demand for local truck driving jobs, from livestock to construction materials. Carrying these goods across the country can be a very rewarding experience, but one that may not be best when experienced alone. After obtaining one of your first truck driving jobs, it’s important to decide on whether or not you’d like to drive as a team or go it solo. Setting yourself up for a truck driving career in Modesto starts with the training process, which is where Truck Nation School comes in. Our top-notch program provides comprehensive truck driver training and career support to help our students start a new life in a rewarding industry. Today, we’ll take a closer look at team driving and how it can be more beneficial for those not wanting to be a lone wolf.

Going Solo

Some people will prefer to go it alone on the open road, and we understand the impulse. You can drive and rest at our own pace with nobody else to worry about. Traveling alone allows for the ultimate freedom and spacious living that comes with being a lone wolf. Having more space and freedom may be exactly what you want out of your truck driving career, but many people would prefer a companion on the journey. When you decide to team up, you can expect a few key benefits.

Fewer Expenses

As a truck driver, you’ll notice that the expenses that come with the job can pile up. This can range from the minor costs of food to major repairs if you decide to drive independently. Working in a team means you’ll split the expenses, essentially cutting the overhead costs in half for the same excursion. As long-distance drivers, you both may be able to use these expenses for tax deductions. This area is complicated and may require three or more blogs to explain!


Hours at the wheel can prove to be dull for many people. While some people crave the wind in their hair and their own fortress of solitude, other drivers will seek out a traveling companion to share conversation and fun with. This co-pilot can be anyone, from a high school friend to your wife or husband. Working as a team can be very productive, but be sure that you are ready to spend long periods of time with this individual. Some married couples will excitedly sign on thinking they are ready for an adventure only to find that too much quality time can be a bad thing. We’re excited for you to drive with a loved one, but only if you are.

Higher Income

One of the biggest reasons why people take on tandem driving for their career is the higher earning potential. When you work in a team, you’re making more money for both the drivers and the company. Companies will pay more per mile for driving teams, but it is important to note that that income has to be split up. While you’re not making as much per mile in the long run, you are covering more miles overall, offering the incentive of making more money per check. Even when you are napping, your partner is driving, paying you for every mile that passes beneath your tires.

Companies will pay more for teams, and this is typically due to the nature of the freight being hauled. Sensitive goods or items that need to delivered in an expeditious manner will require more time at the wheel, creating a perfect situation for team drivers. When your truck isn’t running, nobody is making money.

Driving as a team can prove to be very beneficial, but it may not be for all drivers. If you are considering making a change and starting a truck driving career in the Modesto area, Truck Nation School is here to help! Our trucking school provides hands-on learning to provide students with the most comprehensive curriculum possible. From acquiring your permit to obtaining a CDL truck driving job, our staff is here to help every step of the way. Our program was created to give motivated individuals the tools and education needed to make a positive change in their lives for a rewarding career. Contact us today if you’d like to hear more about our truck driving school today!