Those that are considering obtaining a rewarding truck driving career in the Modesto area will have numerous considerations to review before hitting the road and building up their repertoire. One area that may prove to be very beneficial for both your experience and income is to specialize in a selected niche. When you specialize in a certain type of freight, the potential for great earnings and a high demand for your services skyrockets. One way to start on the right foot is to obtain top-notch truck driver training from a reputable truck driving school. Truck Nation School in Modesto and Fresno is here to optimize your education and deliver all of the tools you need to thrive in this exciting industry.

Today, we’ll look at a few of the niches available in the industry that may prove to be right up your alley. When you’re ready to sign on with a program that helps you find the best truck driving jobs, be sure to reach out to Truck Nation School for assistance!

Short Hauls

Local truck driving jobs that require you to transport goods for one specific region can count as a short haul. While the range varies from carrier to carrier, you can expect to be within 100 miles of your home terminal throughout the day. Short hauls are often very advantageous for companies who have numerous locations and require a lot of transportation in denser areas. More and more, drivers are looking toward short hauls as a beneficial option because they benefit from being home every night to spend time with their family. Long-distance runs can produce an enormous amount of stress on loved ones, especially when the schedule is constantly changing. In addition, your short travel distance will mean that logbooks are not required. Being able to sleep in your own bed and follow a consistent schedule may be just what you need to succeed!

While short hauls sound like the ideal option, they can prove to have a few drawbacks. For one, your workdays may prove to be longer than expected. Early starts and late finishes can be part of the deal based on which carrier you sign on with. The shorter distances and higher number of stops can also create a highly demanding work environment for some drivers. With harder work and more close-quarter maneuvering, you may expect a bump in pay. Unfortunately, the attractiveness of short hauls help to make them a top niche choice in the industry. The number of available short haul jobs is often pretty low, and the income is often not great. Our CDL driving experts can help in this process to help place you in the best possible position!

Long Hauls

If the open road calls to you, long hauls might be an integral part of your truck driving career. Long-distance drivers gain the benefits of paid travel and independence in most regards. Taking on the asphalt on your own and going the distance can prove to be very rewarding. Spending large amounts of time in your own big-rig can prove to be a great experience, and the starting pay helps as well. In many cases, long haul drivers make about 20 percent more than those that sign up for the short runs. Long hauls are also known for their flexibility nationwide for drivers looking to work. Unlike the shorter options, long distance drivers are often in high demand.

Be wary, though, as long hauls also come with concerns. The long distances and large spans of time away from home can be stressful for drivers and their families. Cross-country routes can take you out of town for up to a month at a time. Longer distances generally equate to long periods of sitting in the truck, which can have a negative impact if measures aren’t taken to ensure a proper level of fitness. Between the minimal relaxation and the unhealthy food options on the road, long haul drivers have plenty to worry about!

Picking a niche for your truck driving job can prove to be beneficial in many ways. Specializing in one application can help to make you a more efficient and higher paid individual. Next time, we’ll look at a few more niche options in the industry, including tanker driving and refrigeration specialties. If you’re hoping to find a truck driving career in the Modesto area, be sure to reach out to our training program. Truck Nation School is proud to provide the best courses for new drivers in order to supply them with the skills needed to start a rewarding career. Contact us today to learn more!